AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-26add .gitignoreStefan J. Betz
2020-06-26updated subnetcalc to 2.4.16Stefan J. Betz
2020-03-15Update subnetcalc to 2.4.15Stefan J. Betz
2019-08-25Update to 2.4.14Stefan J. Betz
2019-07-13Update to 2.4.11Stefan J. Betz
2019-01-27Updated to 2.4.10Stefan J. Betz
2018-07-03Updated subnetcalc to 2.4.9 and switched buildsystem to cmakeStefan J. Betz
2017-09-08Updated .SRCINFO of subnetcalcStefan J. Betz
2017-09-08Updated subnetcalc to 2.4.7Stefan J. Betz
2016-07-17Updated subnetcalc to 2.4.4Stefan J. Betz
2015-06-08Inital Import from old AURStefan J. Betz