AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-01Updated to build 3211Sander Boom
2019-09-24Updated to build 3210Sander Boom
2019-09-23Updated to build 3209Sander Boom
2019-04-21Updated to build 3208Sander Boom
2019-04-10Updated to build 3207 - also available as beta (AUR: sublime-text-dev)Sander Boom
2019-04-10Updated to build 3206Sander Boom
2019-03-23Changed dependency gtk2 -> gtk3. See: Boom
2019-03-17Updated to build 3200 - also available as beta (AUR: sublime-text-dev)Sander Boom
2019-03-08Updated to build 3197Sander Boom
2019-03-06Updated to build 3194Sander Boom
2019-02-28Updated to build 3192Sander Boom
2019-02-27Updated to build 3191Sander Boom
2018-12-11Updated to build 3184Sander Boom
2018-11-04Updated to build 3180Sander Boom
2018-05-14Updated to build 3176Sander Boom
2018-05-10Updated to build 3173Sander Boom
2018-05-08Updated to build 3170Sander Boom
2018-05-06Updated to build 3169Sander Boom
2018-05-03Updated to build 3168Sander Boom
2018-05-02Updated to build 3167Sander Boom
2018-05-01Updated to build 3166Sander Boom
2018-04-28Updated to build 3165Sander Boom
2018-04-18Updated to build 3164Sander Boom
2018-04-16Updated to build 3162Sander Boom
2018-04-04Updated to build 3161Sander Boom
2018-03-30Updated to build 3160Sander Boom
2018-03-29Updated to build 3158Sander Boom
2018-02-10Updated to build 3157Sander Boom
2017-12-04Updated to build 3156Sander Boom
2017-11-30Updated to build 3155Sander Boom
2017-11-11Updated to build 3154Sander Boom
2017-11-01Updated to build 3153Sander Boom
2017-10-21Updated to build 3152Sander Boom
2017-10-17Updated to build 3150Sander Boom
2017-10-14Updated to build 3149Sander Boom
2017-10-10Updated to build 3148Sander Boom
2017-10-06Updated to build 3147Sander Boom
2017-09-18Updated to build 3144Sander Boom
2017-07-28Updated to build 3142Sander Boom
2017-07-10Updated to build 3141Sander Boom
2017-06-30Updated to build 3140Sander Boom
2017-06-20Updated to build 3139Sander Boom
2017-06-20Updated to build 3137Sander Boom
2017-06-14Updated to build 3136Sander Boom
2017-06-09Updated to build 3134Sander Boom
2017-06-03Updated to build 3133Sander Boom
2017-05-26Updated to build 3132Sander Boom
2017-04-24Updated to build 3131Sander Boom
2017-04-21Updated to build 3130Sander Boom
2017-04-13Updated to build 3129Sander Boom