AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-03Update to 3.3.10Bian Jiaping
2019-11-12Update to 3.3.9Bian Jiaping
2019-09-29Update to 3.3.8Bian Jiaping
2019-07-12Update to 3.3.7Bian Jiaping
2019-03-16Update to 3.3.6Bian Jiaping
2018-10-22Update to 3.3.5Bian Jiaping
2018-09-28Update to 3.3.4Bian Jiaping
2018-06-09Update to 3.3.3Bian Jiaping
2018-06-01Update to 3.3.2Bian Jiaping
2018-02-02Updated to new versionRandy Ramos
2017-11-14Update to new versionRandy Ramos
2017-07-30Updated to new versionwatersalesman
2017-04-16Removed bash as a dependencyRandy Ramos
2017-04-16Adopted the packageRandy Ramos
2017-04-10[upd] 3.2.2→3.2.4Carsten Teibes
2016-09-23[upd] 3.1.2→3.2.2Carsten Teibes
2016-04-10[upd] 2.0.3→3.1.2Carsten Teibes
2014-12-29[upd] 2.0.2→2.0.3Carsten Teibes
2014-08-17[add] subgit 2.0.2Carsten Teibes