AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-11-02Update to 14.1Mark Blakeney
2021-08-24Add aarch64/armv8 archMark Blakeney
2021-07-18Fix legacy AMD 64 bit CPU checkMark Blakeney
2021-07-06Update to 14Mark Blakeney
2021-02-20Update to 13Mark Blakeney
2020-09-03Update to version 12Mark Blakeney
2020-07-13Cosmetic changes after I adopt packageMark Blakeney
Also, added a .gitignore
2020-03-28Added armv7hTod Jackson
2020-01-29Re-order so bmi2 is first if availableTod Jackson
2020-01-26Bump to version 11 and added armv7 supportTod Jackson
2018-12-02sha512sum updateozgursarier
2018-12-02sha512sum updateozgursarier
2018-12-02Update to ver 10ozgursarier
2018-06-06epoch value restoredozgursarier
2018-06-04Update to 9-1ozgursarier
2017-01-20v8-2Cooper EdenDay
2017-01-19Changed upstream URL to https.Cooper EdenDay
2017-01-19Fix contributors list at top of file.Cooper EdenDay
2017-01-19v8-1Cooper EdenDay
2016-01-06v7Auguste Pop
2015-06-15migrate from aurAuguste Pop