AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-20Update to 0.8.1George Ornbo
2017-09-15Set package version correctlyGeorge Ornbo
2017-09-15Update diff URLsGeorge Ornbo
2017-09-15Add MakefileGeorge Ornbo
2017-09-02Revert "Bump to 0.7-2"George Ornbo
2017-08-30Bump to 0.7-2George Ornbo
2016-08-23Update version to 0.7Satius
2016-06-28Update patch file namesSatius
2016-01-16Enclosed few paths in quotesPyromaniac
2015-09-18Resolve conflict with ncurses packageSatius
2015-09-18Fix path and md5 to solarized patchSatius
2015-09-08Update st to version 0.6Pyromaniac
2015-07-24Initial uploadPyromaniac