AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-02spryCloud Release v3.1.3Tab Fitts
2021-03-29spryCloud v3.0.3Tab Fitts
2021-03-29spryCloud 2.6.5 R3: Compiling fixesTab Fitts
2021-03-24Update for release v2.6.5 spry-r2 (final)Tab Fitts
2020-07-22Update to v2.6.5Tab Fitts
2020-01-13New releaseTab Fitts
2019-10-23Update to spryCloud release 2.6.1Tab Fitts
2019-06-03Update for release 2.5.3Tab Fitts
2019-04-08Fix oopsTab Fitts
2019-04-08Update nextcloud release 2.5.2 spry.r2Tab Fitts
2019-03-13Upgrade to v2.5.2 release 1Tab Fitts
2019-02-04Quick version info fixTab Fitts
2019-02-04Update to 2.5.1Tab Fitts
2018-11-26Release 2.5.0 r12Tab Fitts
2018-09-16spryCloud release 11Tab Fitts
2018-09-12Fix whoopsTab Fitts
2018-09-12TestTab Fitts
2018-09-12Update git location. Release version 10Tab Fitts
2018-09-04UPdateTab Fitts
2018-09-04Update .installTab Fitts
2018-09-04Update spry r9Tab Fitts
2018-08-24FixedTab Fitts
2018-08-24Fix oopsTab Fitts
2018-08-24UPdate againTab Fitts
2018-08-24Update pkgbuild fix depsTab Fitts
2018-08-12Update PKGBUILD and .SRCINFOTab Fitts
2018-07-12FixTab Fitts
2018-07-12Update PKGBUILD & SRCINFO for release 7Tab Fitts
2018-07-12Update PKGBUILD & SRCINFO for release 7Tab Fitts
2018-06-01Update PKGBUILD and SRCINFOTab Fitts
2018-05-01Update PKGBUILD and .SRCINFOTab Fitts
2018-04-27Update SRCINFO and PKGBUILDTab Fitts
2018-04-27spryCloud PKGBUILD .SRCINFO updateTab Fitts
2018-04-26Update SRCINFO and PKGBUILDTab Fitts
2018-04-26Update PKGBUILD and SRCINFOTab Fitts
2018-04-24Initial commit to aurTab Fitts