AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-10Fix sha256sum of armv6 distVarakh
2020-01-28Update to 0.2.24 and provide slim variants for armv6 and armv7Varakh
2020-01-12Update to 0.2.23Varakh
2019-12-28Remove arm arch, use spotifyd insteadVarakh
2019-11-27Use only spotifyd as conflict instead of listing every variantVarakh
2019-11-27Update to and slim as variantVarakh
2019-10-08Update to 0.2.19Varakh
2019-10-06Update to 0.2.18Varakh
2019-07-05Increase to 0.2.11Varakh
2019-03-23Bump versionmVarakh
2019-01-29Bump to .2.4Varakh
2018-12-23Update to v0.2.3Varakh
2018-09-29Update to v0.2.2Varakh
2018-06-12Correct provides and conflictsVarakh
2018-05-30Owners have changed version schema from date to tags. Adjusted pkg for this.Varakh
2018-05-30Update to 20180529 (v0.2.1)Varakh
2018-05-27New versionAlexander Schäferdiek
2018-05-22Update to 2018 05 22Alexander Schäferdiek
2018-05-11Update to 20180503Alexander Schäferdiek
2018-04-23Update to 2018-04-03. Add alsa-lib as dep.Alexander Schäferdiek
2018-03-21Change versioning to release dateAlexander Schäferdiek
2018-03-21update to 2018-03-20Alexander Schäferdiek
2018-03-01updateAlexander Schäferdiek
2017-07-26update to 2017-07-22Alexander Schäferdiek
2017-07-15update to 17-07-13Alexander Schäferdiek
2017-07-03update to 2017-07-02Alexander Schäferdiek
2017-06-10update to latest release, added x86 againAlexander Schäferdiek
2017-03-26add spotifyd for armv7 binary versionAlexander Schäferdiek