AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
3 daysupgpkg: spigot 1.15.2+b112-1Gordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: cuberite 1.12b270-1 upgpkg: papermc 1.15.2+b318-1
2020-01-25upgpkg: spigot 1.15.2+b108-1Gordian Edenhofer
2020-01-14upgpkg: spigot 1.15.1+b107-2Gordian Edenhofer
2020-01-14upgpkg: minecraft-server 1.15.1-2Gordian Edenhofer
Introduce a new config flag called `BACKUP_FLAGS` for specifying additional flags which to pass to tar for compression. Additionally, replace `Type=forking` with `Type=oneshot` in the backup services as to not let the backup timeout. Furthermore, change some upper case variables to lower case ones. upgpkg: spigot 1.15.1+b107-1 upgpkg: cuberite 1.12b1065-1 upgpkg: papermc 1.15.1+b48-1
2019-12-22upgpkg: spigot 1.15.1+b105-1Gordian Edenhofer
2019-12-12upgpkg: spigot 1.15+b103-1Gordian Edenhofer
2019-09-25upgpkg: minecraft-server 1.14.4-2Gordian Edenhofer
Fix a bug which was most likely introduced in ada9f5931d preventing the `is_player_online` function to parse the response properly for some servers and in particular papermc. The bug deleted lines which were not intended to be deleted. As a fix, just stop deleting any lines as all subsequent invocations use grep anyway and hence already select the right line. upgpkg: cuberite 1.12b1049-1 upgpkg: papermc 1.14.4+b196-1 upgpkg: spigot 1.14.4+b103-2
2019-09-18upgpkg: spigot 1.14.4+b103-1Gordian Edenhofer
2019-08-09upgpkg: Update build version of minecraft serversGordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: cuberite 1.12b1026-2 upgpkg: papermc 1.14.4+b163-1 upgpkg: spigot 1.14.4+b102-1
2019-07-20upgpkg: spigot 1.14.4+b101-1Gordian Edenhofer
2019-07-01upgpkg: spigot 1.14.3+b101-1Gordian Edenhofer
2019-05-29upgpkg: spigot 1.14.2+b101-1Gordian Edenhofer
2019-05-15upgpkg: spigot 1.14.1+b101-1Gordian Edenhofer
2019-04-28upgpkg: spigot 1.14+b101-2Gordian Edenhofer
2019-04-21upgpkg: spigot 1.13.2+b99-2Gordian Edenhofer
2019-03-29upgpkg: minecraft-server 1.13.2-4Gordian Edenhofer
Fix search-and-replace mistakes made in commit b382febaf5. upgpkg: cuberite 1.12b1014-2 upgpkg: spigot 1.13.2+b93-2
2019-03-28upgpkg: minecraft-server 1.13.2-3Gordian Edenhofer
Adapt the `is_player_online` function to be a little more generic. This fixes detecting players on cuberite even with the most recent version. upgpkg: cuberite 1.12b1014-1 upgpkg: spigot 1.13.2+b93-1
2019-03-28upgpkg: minecraft-server 1.13.2-2Gordian Edenhofer
Update server-management script to be a little tidier. Sync changes across minecraft-server, spigot and cuberite. upgpkg: cuberite 1.12b1013-2 upgpkg: spigot 1.13.2+b93-1
2019-03-18upgpkg: spigot 1.13.2+b93-1Gordian Edenhofer
2019-03-02upgpkg: spigot 1.13.2+b91-1Gordian Edenhofer
2018-12-19upgpkg: spigot 1.13.2+b89-1Gordian Edenhofer
2018-12-13upgpkg: spigot 1.13.2+b84-1Gordian Edenhofer
2018-11-11upgpkg: spigot 1.13.2+b81-1Gordian Edenhofer
2018-10-23upgpkg: spigot 1.13.2+b79-1Gordian Edenhofer
2018-10-22upgpkg: minecraft-server 1.13.2-1Gordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: spigot 1.13.1+b79-1 upgpkg: cuberite 1.12b1013-2
2018-10-18upgpkg: spigot 1.13.1+b77-1Gordian Edenhofer
2018-09-21upgpkg: minecraft-server 1.13.1-1Gordian Edenhofer
Broaden the scope of the regex which searches for active users in the management script to include more escape sequences. This notably enables using the idle_server part of the script in combination with the 'Paper' minecraft server. upgpkg: cuberite 1.12b975-2 upgpkg: spigot 1.12.2+b73-2
2018-06-14upgpkg: minecraft-server 1.12.2-3Gordian Edenhofer
Readd the `WantedBy` directive to allow for proper enabling of the unit. This might however not work properly as the '' is now specified in `WantedBy` and `After`. upgpkg: cuberite 1.12b975-2 upgpkg: spigot 1.12.2+b73-2
2018-06-11upgpkg: minecraft-server 1.12.2-2Gordian Edenhofer
Update the SystemD service file to wait for the multi-user target prior to initiating the application and remove the 'WantedBy' parameter. This makes sure that the application does not start prior to the required user being available. upgpkg: cuberite 1.12b975-1 upgpkg: spigot 1.12.2+b73-1
2018-02-05upgpkg: spigot 1.12.2+b71-1Gordian Edenhofer
2018-01-19upgpkg: spigot 1.12.2+b70-1Gordian Edenhofer
Switch to a different pkgver naming schema to incorporate the build tag.
2017-11-11*.install: Instead of fancy `msg` use plain `echo`Gordian Edenhofer
Instead of relying on makepkg's built-in `msg` function simply use `echo` without any coloring or similar beatifications.
2017-11-09upgpkg: spigot 1.12.2-1Gordian Edenhofer
* Pin version of 'BuildTools.jar' using a Jenkins build tag * Quote more variables in the PKGBUILD and .install file * Switch from `echo` to makepkg's internal `msg` and `msg2` * Add comment honoring the initial submitter of this package * Remove '.gitignore'
2017-02-26Enforce dep of Java version 8 or later due to issues with 7 and belowSchala
2016-06-21minor shell script fixSchala
2016-06-09plugins folderBuildTools
2016-05-30bug fixes to scriptBuildTools
2016-04-27New config / run script updates from edhBuildTools
2016-02-02script fix from ednBuildTools
2016-01-31Merge script changes from ednBuildTools