AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-04update to 0.2.7D3SOX
2021-05-24update to 0.2.6D3SOX
2021-05-24update to 0.2.5D3SOX
2021-05-18update to 0.2.4D3SOX
2021-05-17update dependenciesD3SOX
2021-05-17update to 0.2.3D3SOX
2021-05-14build package from src tarballD3SOX
2021-04-29add missing lsb-release dependencyD3SOX
2021-04-01bump pkgrel for new releaseD3SOX
2021-04-01update to 0.2.2_b3D3SOX
2021-03-23update description with stable tagD3SOX
2021-03-17update to 0.2.2_b2D3SOX
2021-03-17a package already provides/conflicts with itselfD3SOX
2021-03-17update to 0.2.2_b1, use upstream install, install doc and licenseD3SOX
2021-03-07update to 0.2.1Curve
2021-03-04update pkgdescD3SOX
2021-03-03update to 0.2D3SOX
2021-02-06update to 0.1.6D3SOX
2021-01-03update to 0.1.5D3SOX
2020-12-23directly checkout tagD3SOX
2020-12-22initial commitD3SOX