AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-03-30upgpkg: snes9x-git 1.60.r291.g8a5d29c-1Joey Dumont
Fixed up PKGBUILD.
2020-10-23Fixed dependencies by running in a clean chroot.Joey Dumont
2020-10-22Fixed build by adding glslang.Joey Dumont
2019-03-19chore: fix the compile error and update the package sectionLin Ruoshui
license: - Remove the LGPL section and use upstream license file. snes9x-git: - Update git submodule located in shaders/SPIRV-Cross. snes9x-gtk-git: - Switch from autotools to Meson build system.
2017-04-27add dep for minizipprofessorkaos64
2016-11-28misssing new makedep minizip, fix conflicts/providesprofessorkaos64
2016-10-09fix odd configure issuesprofessorkaos64
2016-09-21axe unrecognized optionprofessorkaos64
2016-09-21missing dep'professorkaos64
2016-09-10fix make depprofessorkaos64
2016-09-10update and modernizeprofessorkaos64
2015-07-06Initial importBoohbah