AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-12Update to 20.6.0Serge Roussak
2020-04-17Update to 20.4.2Serge Roussak
2019-12-28Update to 19.10.2Serge Roussak
2019-08-20Update to 19.5.0Serge Roussak
2018-06-13Update to 18.5.0Serge Roussak
2018-06-01snprinf, strncpy etc calls are checked by the compiler withSerge Roussak
2018-04-27Update to 18.4.0Serge Roussak
2018-03-27Update to 18.3.0Serge Roussak
2018-02-26Update to 18.2.2Serge Roussak
2018-02-06Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Roussak
2018-02-06Update to 18.2.0Serge Roussak
2018-02-06Update to 18.2.0Serge Roussak
2018-01-19Update to 18.1.0Serge Roussak
2018-01-03Update to 17.12.0Serge Roussak
2017-06-06Update to 17.6.0osfans
2017-05-15Update to 17.5.0osfans
2017-04-24Update to 17.4.2osfans
2017-03-14Update to 17.3.0osfans
2017-02-20Update 17.2.0osfans
2016-12-23Update to 16.11.0osfans
2016-09-26Update to 16.9.0osfans
2016-09-01Update to 16.8.0osfans
2016-07-12Update to 16.7.0osfans
2016-06-21Update .SRCINFO to 16.6.0osfans
2016-06-21Update to 16.6.0osfans
2016-01-18Update to 16.1.0osfans
2016-01-18Remove proxyosfans
2016-01-06Update to 15.11.0osfans
2015-06-21Update toötz Christ
2015-06-15Minor pkgdesc & provides updateGötz Christ
2015-06-15Initial importGötz Christ