AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-06-14just cosmetics, no version bumpLucki
of course I missed some in the previous commit
2019-06-14upgpkg: smokinguns-git 1.1.r859.gf5d9ecf2-7Lucki
- cosmetics - give download proper file ending
2018-09-21Use https, shorter lines, be saferLucki
2018-01-14Better PKGBUILD:Lucki
- remove `gendesk` completely - add missing makedepends `git`, `openal` and `glu` - change `libglvnd` to meta package `libgl` - remove reference to `${startdir}` - include the correct `.CHANGELOG`
2017-08-29Better .desktop fileLucki
2017-08-09Proper icon placingLucki
2017-08-09Add missing dependencyLucki
2017-08-09Initial commit…Lucki
…using the old aur3 as base.