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2016-12-09upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.7-1Gordian Edenhofer
Switch from http to https and from md5sum to sha512sum for additional security. upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.0_0pre3-2 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2016-10-29upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.6-2Gordian Edenhofer
Move pid files in systemd services to /run instead of using a subfolder. Skip the creation of /var/log/slurm in systemd-tmpfiles since the log location is /var/log/slurm-llnl and install the tmpfile to /usr/lib instead of /etc/ . upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.0_0pre3-2 upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.6-1
2016-10-28upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.6-1Gordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.0_0pre3-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2016-10-21Remove duplicate conflict fieldGordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: grive 0.5.0-4 upgpkg: munge 0.5.12-1 upgpkg: pcc 1.1.0-1 upgpkg: pcc-libs 1.1.0-1 upgpkg: routersploit 2.2.1-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.5-1
2016-10-03upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.5-1Gordian Edenhofer
Streamline systemd service files with upstream templates. upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 17.02.0_0pre2-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2016-09-30upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.5-1Gordian Edenhofer
2016-08-12upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.4-1Gordian Edenhofer
2016-07-27upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.3-1Gordian Edenhofer
2016-07-16upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.2-1Gordian Edenhofer
upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 16.05.2-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2016-06-30upgpkg: slurm-llnl 16.05.1-1Gordian Edenhofer
Delete slurm user after (!) changing the ownership of crucial files. upgpkg: slurm-llnl-dev 16.05.1-1 upgpkg: slurm-llnl-git
2016-06-02upgpkg: slurm-llnl 15.08.12-1Gordian Edenhofer
2016-05-04upgpkg: slurm-llnl 15.08.11-1Gordian Edenhofer
2016-05-01Change email address to GmailGordian Edenhofer
Gmail has been my main email address for a couple of years and the address is merely my spam mail. Since I trust Google spam filers and have a certain aversion for yahoo mail, I am switching.
2016-04-06Upgpkg: 15.08.10-1Gordian Edenhofer
Set some more configure flags to compile more libraries into the final package in the hope that users do not have to recompile after installing a new optdep. Trigger for an up-to-date ./configure script.
2016-03-30Upgpkg: 15.08.9-1Gordian Edenhofer
Remove blcr from depends array since it is not provided in the AUR and needs heavy patching because according to the project page its latest supported kernel is 3.7.
2016-02-21Upgpkg: 15.08.8-1BuildTools
Fix faulty checksums.
2016-02-19Upgpkg: 15.08.8-1Gordian Edenhofer
2016-02-06Upgpkg: 15.08.7-1Gordian Edenhofer
On post-remove make dirs formerly belonging to the slurm user be picked up by root.
2016-01-21Upgpkg: 15.08.7-1Gordian Edenhofer
Add etc/default/slurm-llnl to backup array.
2016-01-21Upgpkg: 15.08.7-1BuildTools
Remove ExecStartPre=mkdir ... from systemd service files since those directories should already exist.
2015-12-18Upgpkg: 15.08.6-1Gordian Edenhofer
2015-12-18Upgpkg: 15.08.5-1Gordian Edenhofer
2015-12-13Indentation: Use tabs everywhereGordian Edenhofer
2015-12-10Update pkgrel: force rebuild due to libstdcc++ ABI changeGordian Edenhofer
2015-11-14Update pkgverGordian Edenhofer
2015-11-05Update pkgverGordian Edenhofer
2015-10-22Update pkgverGordian Edenhofer
2015-09-01Updating pkgverGordian Edenhofer
2015-07-08Updated pkgverGordian Edenhofer
2015-05-23initial commitGordian Edenhofer