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6 daysBump to
2021-07-12Bump to
2021-06-17Bump to
2021-04-30Bump to
2021-04-21Bump to
2021-04-20Bump to version
2021-03-22Bump to
2021-02-02Update to
2020-11-16Update to
2020-08-29Update dependencies and general PKGBUILD overhauldalto
2020-08-24Update to
2020-08-04Update to version 27.0.5dalto
2020-07-13Update to version
2020-06-15Update to
2020-05-30Update to
2020-05-17Update SRCINFOdalto
2020-05-16Fix depends and update to
2019-10-07version bump
2019-10-04version bump
2019-09-18version bump, but really as listed in aboutraininja
2019-08-09moving past ipc clientraininja
2019-07-12version bump
2019-06-21version bump
2019-06-12version bump
2019-03-14version bump
2019-02-05version bump
2018-12-13version bump
2018-10-23version bump
2018-09-18version bump
2018-09-18version bump try #5raininja
2018-07-26version bump
2018-07-18version bump
2018-07-01version bump
2018-06-21version bump
2018-06-06version bump
2018-04-29version bump
2018-04-21version bump
2018-04-12version bump
2018-04-02version bump
2018-03-09major version bump
2018-02-14version bump
2018-02-03version bump,
2018-01-30version bump
2018-01-22version bump
2018-01-16version bump
2017-12-31version bump
2017-11-25version bump
2017-11-21version bump,
2017-11-12version bump,
2017-11-09version correction