AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-19update to 0.4.0Moses Narrow
2021-01-07revert build to the needed commitMoses Narrow
2021-01-03fix various build errors which were not caught beforeMoses Narrow
2021-01-03fix incomplete path / chmod errorMoses Narrow
2021-01-03fix build for skycache path change in source archiveMoses Narrow
2021-01-03more script refinements ; added cross compile .deb PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2020-12-30fix sourcesMoses Narrow
2020-12-30 make binaries smaller; add compression for the deb.PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2020-12-27further revise scriptsMoses Narrow
2020-12-26update .installMoses Narrow
2020-12-26update deb.PKGBUILD and scriptsMoses Narrow
2020-12-26update scriptsMoses Narrow
2020-12-25update deb.PKGBUILD scriptsMoses Narrow
2020-12-25update skywire support scripts and webserver utilityMoses Narrow
2020-12-21update PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2020-12-18fix build failure on develop branch for ARM (again)Moses Narrow
2020-12-17fix visor config generationMoses Narrow
2020-12-06minor fix synttax errorMoses Narrow
2020-12-06perfect support scripts for easy management ; add skywire-resetMoses Narrow
2020-12-05imprve scripts; instroduce skywire-save; don't rebuild binaries if they exist...Moses Narrow
2020-11-29fix hypervisorkey.postinstallMoses Narrow
2020-11-29fix PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2020-11-28updpkgsums deb.PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2020-11-28finishing touchesMoses Narrow
2020-11-28once more should do itMoses Narrow
2020-11-28fix satellite deb package postinst scriptMoses Narrow
2020-11-28update checksumsMoses Narrow
2020-11-28final tweaks to deb pkg scripts hopefullyMoses Narrow
2020-11-28continued rework after testsMoses Narrow
2020-11-28fix sha256sumsMoses Narrow
2020-11-28update scripts and deb.PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2020-11-28update scriptsMoses Narrow
2020-11-28fix deb.PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2020-11-26update deb.PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2020-11-26fix deb.PKGBUILD; asthetic changes to PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2020-11-23change to build with musl libsMoses Narrow
2020-11-22fix deb.PKGBUILD dependacies, clean up PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2020-11-21fix deb.PKGBUILD validpgpkeysMoses Narrow
2020-11-21fix deb.PKGBUILD checksumsMoses Narrow
2020-11-21add deb.PKGBUILD and skywire-deb-scripts.tar.gz; minor asthetic changes to PK...Moses Narrow
2020-11-14fix satellite package install scriptMoses Narrow
2020-11-14implement autoconfig and satellite packageMoses Narrow
2020-11-07remove unnecessary dependanciesMoses Narrow
2020-11-02change path of script sources pending updates to develop; tls gen script to b...Moses Narrow
2020-11-02actually fix the PATH issue this timeMoses Narrow
2020-11-02unset PATH from GOBIN to solve transient weird behavior when testing; clean u...Moses Narrow
2020-11-01remove unnecessary make commandsMoses Narrow
2020-10-31fix for develop branch ; hypervisor has been merged with visor. Changes to co...Moses Narrow
2020-07-02update skywire.installMoses Narrow
2020-07-02update skywire.installMoses Narrow