AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-02update skywire.installMoses Narrow
2020-07-02update skywire.installMoses Narrow
2020-07-02update to build from git sourcesMoses Narrow
2020-07-02update to build from git sourcesMoses Narrow
2020-07-01update t build from git sourcesMoses Narrow
2020-07-01update t build from git sourcesMoses Narrow
2020-04-26update version and systemd servicesMoses Narrow
2020-04-17add networkmanager as a dependencyMoses Narrow
2020-04-13add armv7h as valid architectureMoses Narrow
2020-04-13forgot to add armv7l as valid architectureMoses Narrow
2020-04-13version 0.2.1 and fix for armv7l / armhf architectureMoses Narrow
2020-04-11remove old scriptsMoses Narrow
2020-04-11remove ol scripts and systemd servicesMoses Narrow
2020-04-11update to match skybianMoses Narrow
2020-04-07fix sha256sumsMoses Narrow
2020-04-07fix sha256sumsMoses Narrow
2020-04-07scriptsMoses Narrow
2020-04-07omit scripts for nowMoses Narrow
2020-02-26fix scripts, add debugMoses Narrow
2020-02-26minor changes to allow the scripts to work on debianMoses Narrow
2020-02-19track PKGBUILD.sig, add skycoin-keyring dependancy, other minor changesMoses Narrow
2020-02-18deterministic buildMoses Narrow
2020-01-01fix scripts, add debugMoses Narrow
2019-12-30fix scripts, add debugMoses Narrow
2019-11-13updated scripts, moved out of PKGBUILD, added skywire-node-setup and skywire-...Moses Narrow
2019-10-25fix transient build issues due to gopath changesMoses Narrow
2019-10-19Change to new repo at ; implement signature checkin...Moses Narrow
2019-10-06add .SRCINFO & PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2019-09-29add .SRCINFO & PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2019-09-21add script options for .net and .com discovery servers during migrationMoses Narrow
2019-09-21add .SRCINFO & PKGBUILDMoses Narrow
2019-09-11change all instances of .net to .com. update discovery server address in skyw...Moses Narrow
2019-08-22update versionMoses Narrow
2019-08-21change maintainerMoses Narrow
2019-06-25fix skywire-node-envip.serviceMoses Narrow
2019-06-18dep was causing errors; removed for nowMoses Narrow
2019-06-08fix pkgverMoses Narrow
2019-06-05added system.d service & script for custom ip rangeMoses Narrow
2019-05-16fix names / pathsMoses Narrow
2019-05-03fix system.d serviceMoses Narrow
2019-04-11fix versionMoses Narrow
2019-04-11fix web dir path relative to startup scriptMoses Narrow
2019-04-08fix againMoses Narrow
2019-04-08bump pkgrel; fix versionMoses Narrow
2019-04-08bump pkgrel; touchupsMoses Narrow
2019-03-11fix name conflict & scripts; increment pkgrelMoses Narrow
2019-03-08first commit; added PKGBUILD & .SRCINFOMoses Narrow