AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-17Update sirikali-git PKGBUILD 🤖Conor Anderson (bot)
2019-05-12Make lxqt_wallet option in sirikali-git build 🤖Conor Anderson (bot)
2019-02-18Use external lxqt_wallet for buildConor Anderson
2017-10-02Warn that we need to recompile for libsecret and kwallet.Conor Anderson
2017-03-16Adopt and update packageConor Anderson
2016-12-11Add my nameFélix Saparelli
2016-12-11Fix metadataFélix Saparelli
2016-12-11Use mkdirp to allow repeated buildsFélix Saparelli
2016-12-11Initial commitFélix Saparelli