AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-02Add version to provides, git as makedepAndrew Whatson
2020-08-30Update to build latest simgear-gitAndrew Whatson
2019-03-16Update: 2019.2.0Glen D'souza
2019-01-12SimGear is not compatible with OpenSceneGraph > 3.4Glen D'souza
2018-09-21Update 2018.4.0Glen D'souza
2018-09-17Rewrite PKGBUILDGlen D'souza
2017-01-02Version bump.Glen D'souza
2016-12-09Fix TerraSync DNS issuesGlen D'souza
2016-12-01Bump versionGlen D'souza
2016-09-06Don't patch by defaultGlen D'souza
2016-04-15Fix buildGlen D'souza
2015-12-12Update dependenciesGlen Dsouza
2015-09-06Allow any openscenegraph-providing package to work with simgearjmf
2015-08-29Adapt package to new packaging standardsjmf
2015-06-18Change to new sourceforge mirrorjmf