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2018-10-10Git repo changed to SickChillbelinux
2018-10-10updated to Sick-Rage repo, version v2018.10.10-2belinux
2016-06-01fixed minor issueMilosD
2016-06-01fixed some problemsMilosD
2015-12-28Bump to version 4.2.5Mikuro Kagamine
2015-11-09Bump to version Kagamine
2015-11-03Bump to version Kagamine
2015-11-02Bump to version 4.1.0Mikuro Kagamine
2015-11-02Bump to version 4.1.0Mikuro Kagamine
2015-10-18Bump to version Kagamine
2015-10-10Bump to version 4.0.74Mikuro Kagamine
2015-10-07Bump to version Kagamine
2015-09-11Bump to version 4.0.59Mikuro Kagamine
2015-09-03srcinfo updateMikuro Kagamine
2015-09-03Bump to version 4.0.55Mikuro Kagamine
2015-08-25v4.0.54Jameson Pugh
2015-07-28Version 4.0.47Jameson Pugh
2015-07-19Version 4.0.40Jameson Pugh
2015-06-08Initial importJameson Pugh