AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-07update to 14.9Romain Bazile
2021-03-27update to 14.8Romain Bazile
2021-02-17update to 14.7Romain Bazile
2021-02-16update to 14.6Romain Bazile
2020-12-24update to 14.4Romain Bazile
2020-11-26update to 14.3Romain Bazile
2020-10-03update to 14.2Romain Bazile
2020-06-06update to 13.8 from deb files, package is huge, ways to reduce it are being l...Romain Bazile
2020-05-08first release, v1.3Romain Bazile