AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-17add conflicts with base packageEric Engestrom
2021-03-17bump pkgverEric Engestrom
2021-03-17compute package version based on git versionEric Engestrom
2021-03-17Track submodules in the package sourcesEric Engestrom
2021-03-17Fix pkgdesc to conform to PKGBUILD guidelinesEric Engestrom
2020-11-09Update PKGBUILD to 1.4.2Emeric
2020-03-21update to 1.3.1Emeric
2020-03-12Update PKGBUILDEmeric
2020-02-27Updated git version not to conflict with the regular released oneEmeric
2020-02-26Update PKGBUILD with better submodule initEmeric
2020-01-08Bump version numberEmeric
2019-10-23Initial upload for SHADERed gitEmeric