AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysUpdate to v2.0.4Nicola Murino
2021-03-28Update to v2.0.3Nicola Murino
2021-02-17update to v2.0.2Nicola Murino
2021-02-06update to v2.0.1Nicola Murino
2021-02-06update to v2.0.0Nicola Murino
2020-11-18update to 1.2.2Nicola Murino
2020-11-14update to 1.2.1Nicola Murino
2020-11-08update to 1.2.0Nicola Murino
2020-10-18Update to 1.1.1Nicola Murino
2020-10-15move data to /srv/sftpgoNicola Murino
2020-10-11update to 1.1.0Nicola Murino
2020-07-11use more standard pathsNicola Murino
2020-07-06update to 1.0.0Nicola Murino
2020-03-07update to 0.9.6Nicola Murino
2020-01-12update to 0.9.5Nicola Murino
2019-11-23Update to 0.9.4-1Nicola Murino
2019-10-20optdepends: add python pacakges for REST API CLINicola Murino
2019-10-19fix upstream URLNicola Murino
2019-10-19Update to 0.9.3-1Nicola Murino
2019-09-18Update to 0.9.2-1Nicola Murino
2019-09-02version 0.9.1Nicola Murino