AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-30Bumped to version 9.1.2.Benjamin A. Shelton
2019-04-23Bumped version to v9.1.1 and cleaned up dependencies.Benjamin A. Shelton
2019-04-18Dependency cleanup and bumped pkgrel.Benjamin A. Shelton
2019-04-18Dependency cleanup (see below).Benjamin A. Shelton
2019-04-04Bumped Sentry to v9.1.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2018-07-13Bumped Sentry to v9.0.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2018-01-10Bump PKGREL.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-12-11Bumped version to 8.22.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-10-17Bumped to version 8.21.0Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-09-11Bumped version to v8.20.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-08-04Bumped version to 8.19.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-07-06Bumped version to v8.18.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-06-06Bumped version to 8.17.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-05-30Updated missing files.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-05-30Bump version to v8.16.1.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-05-30Implemented systemd-sysusers.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-05-01Bumped version to v8.16.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-04-06Bumped version to v8.15.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-03-24Bumped version to v8.14.1.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-03-02Bumped version to v8.14.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-02-03Bump version to 8.13.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2017-01-04New year, new version. Bump to 8.12.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-12-02Bumped version (v8.11.0).Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-11-03Bump version to 8.10.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-10-05Bump srcinfo.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-10-05Bump version, deprecate sentry-dsym package.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-09-08Bumped version.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-08-11Bumped version and made minor clarifications to sentry.install.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-07-25Bump SRCINFO.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-07-25Merge PR #9 A. Shelton
2016-07-02Bumped pkgrel and checksums.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-07-02Merged changes from @mitchhentges.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-07-01Bumped version.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-06-15Bumped version.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-06-09Added missing dependencies.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-06-06Added missing dependencies on libjpeg-turbo for Pillow support.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-06-06AUR bump.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-06-06Added new units and upgraded the rest.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-06-06Updated upgrade information.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-06-06Old sentry.service unit is now sentry-web; this is the main entrypoint.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-06-06Bumped version and added new units.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-05-25Sentry is now a split package containing sentry and sentry-dsym for debugging...Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-05-22Replaced `sentry start` with `sentry run web`Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-05-22Bumped version.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-05-07Added dependencies and possible workaround for GCC 6.1.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-05-07Bumped version to 8.4.0.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-04-19Applied patches from for 8.x transition.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-04-11Bumped version.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-03-15Bumped version.Benjamin A. Shelton
2016-03-15Bumped version.Benjamin A. Shelton