AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-28Update to version 1.2.6Taboon Egon
2020-04-29Update to version 1.2.5Taboon Egon
2020-03-19Added an additional dependency: qt5-toolsTaboon Egon
2019-11-24Update to version 1.2.4Taboon Egon
2019-11-20Adapted the PKGBUID to make the package build with python 3.8.0Taboon Egon
2019-09-09Update to version 1.2.3Taboon Egon
2019-07-05Update to version 1.2.2Taboon Egon
2019-01-01Update to version 1.2.1Taboon Egon
2018-12-23Update to version 1.2.0Taboon Egon
2018-12-19Update to version 1.1.0Taboon Egon
2018-11-19Update to version 1.0.8Taboon Egon
2018-11-04Upgrading to version 1.0.7Taboon Egon
2018-10-26Correcting dependenciesetaboon
2018-10-15Upgrading to version 1.0.6etaboon
2018-10-07Upgrading to version 1.0.5etaboon
2018-06-05Use actual package name for python3Narrat
2018-06-05Update to 1.0.3Narrat
2016-06-09Update to new source pathderfenix
2015-06-11change upstream urlderfenix
2015-06-11moved from old aurderfenix