AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-12-24Use thrift-0.10.0 as a dependency as Scylla fails to compile with later versionsVladimir Krivopalov
2017-09-13Work around the issue with DPDK and _FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 flag.Vladimir Krivopalov
2017-09-13Enable DPDK while building ScyllaDB.Vladimir Krivopalov
2017-08-31Add missing dependencies.Vladimir Krivopalov
2017-08-12Remove sed commands for Scylla Python2 scripts. Get rid of warning suppressio...Vladimir Krivopalov
2017-08-10Minor cleanup and formatting.Vladimir Krivopalov
2017-08-10Regenerate .SRCINFO to provide up-to-date information.Vladimir Krivopalov
2017-08-10Remove 'curl' from dependencies.Vladimir Krivopalov
2017-08-10Add missing 'thrift' dependency. Improve sed scripts to only patch python to ...Vladimir Krivopalov
2017-08-09ScyllaDB development version package - initial commitVladimir Krivopalov