AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-28Update to version 1.5.3Daniel Bermond
2020-10-21Update to version 1.5.2Daniel Bermond
2020-01-13Updated to version 1.5.1Daniel Bermond
2019-11-24Fix build with python 3.8Daniel Bermond
2019-07-06Updated to version 1.5.0Daniel Bermond
2019-05-26Remove i686 supportDaniel Bermond
2019-05-26Use prepare(). Add cmake build type.Daniel Bermond
2018-10-26FixesDaniel Bermond
2018-09-21Fix license and dependenciesDaniel Bermond
2018-08-14Updated to version 1.4.0Daniel Bermond
2018-08-14Switch to python2 due to an upstream build error with python 3.7Daniel Bermond
2018-07-21Fix buildDaniel Bermond
2018-03-11upgpkg Lybin
2017-06-21upgpkg 1.3.1-8 from masterLev Lybin
2017-06-10fix cmake errorLev Lybin
2017-02-01rebuild python 3.6Lev Lybin
2016-10-12fix pythonqt-qt5 -> pythonqtLev Lybin
2016-09-01guazip-qt5 -> guazip, some other changesLev Lybin
2016-08-21upgpkg 1.3.1-3Lev Lybin
2016-08-19upgpkg 1.3.1-2Lev Lybin
2016-08-18upgpkg 1.3.1-1Lev Lybin
2016-08-18upgpkg 1.3.0-3Lev Lybin
2016-08-18upgpkg 1.3.0-2Lev Lybin
2016-08-17upgpkg 1.3.0-1Lev Lybin
2015-11-13.gitignoreLev Lybin
2015-06-11Initial importLev Lybin