AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-04-30Add libusb-compat to dependenciesBehnam Momeni
2020-01-31Correcting pkgrelBehnam Momeni
2020-01-31Adapting with the updated gimp packageBehnam Momeni
2016-05-09symlinking bjlib filesBehnam Momeni
2015-08-13Adding gtk2 dependency to makedepends arrayBehnam Momeni
2015-06-25Creating drivers for MP250, MP270, MP490, MP550, MP560, and MP640 seriesBehnam Momeni
2015-06-25Renaming scangearmp-common to provide the old 1.40 versionBehnam Momeni
The newer 2.00 version is available on AUR which is not suitable for the MP series.
2015-06-25Migrating scangearmp-mp550 package to AUR4Behnam Momeni
Adding lib32-gimp dependency. Switching from sha1sums to sha512sums. And using architecture specific vars for indicating dependencies.