AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-19Update to 3.0.0-M3Mikael Blomstrand
2020-11-30Update to 3.0.0-M2Mikael Blomstrand
2020-11-19New packaging: Scala 3 is packaged as scala3Mikael Blomstrand
2020-11-19Update checksumsMikael Blomstrand
2020-11-04Scala 3.0.0-M1 released!Mikael Blomstrand
2020-10-16Update to 0.27.0-RC1Mikael Blomstrand
2020-08-13Update to 0.26.0-RC1Mikael Blomstrand
2020-04-29Update to 0.24.0-RC1Mikael Blomstrand
2020-04-05Update to 0.23.0-RC1Mikael Blomstrand
2020-02-14Update to 0.22.0-RC1Mikael Blomstrand
2019-12-21Upgrade to 0.21Mikael Blomstrand
2019-11-01Update to 0.20.0-RC1Mikael Blomstrand
2019-09-23Upgrade to 0.18.1Mikael Blomstrand
2019-09-16Updated to stable release 0.17Mikael Blomstrand
2019-09-16applied diff from comment [1]Mikael Blomstrand
2019-03-14update version to 0.12.0Jendrik Wenke
2019-01-18update version to 0.11.0Jendrik Wenke
2018-11-24update version to 0.10.0Jendrik Wenke
2018-11-24update version to 0.10.0Jendrik Wenke
2018-04-28fix checksumJendrik Wenke
2018-04-28update version to v0.8.0-RC1Jendrik Wenke
2018-03-21update srcinfoJendrik Wenke
2018-03-11update version to 0.7.0-RC1Jendrik Wenke
2018-01-05fix checksumJendrik Wenke
2017-12-16update version to 0.5.0Jendrik Wenke
2017-12-16fix symlinkJendrik Wenke
2017-10-27inital commitJendrik Wenke