AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-11-18more quoting of variableshaawda
2018-11-12fix sha256sumhaawda
2018-11-07a lot of fixes, thanks to klaohaawda
2017-11-23strangely this program needs to be build in package functionhaawda
2017-10-08fix PKGBUILDhaawda
2017-09-30update with patch altered and bsdtar workaroundhaawda
2017-09-28update, less patcheshaawda
2016-10-12update pulling from githubStefan Husmann
2016-09-06fixed source URLStefan Husmann
2016-07-06Fix for gcc 6.1.1, turn on C++ 98Stefan Husmann
2015-09-26replaced makedepend by imakeStefan Husmann
2015-06-09initial versionStefan Husmann