AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-14Update AUR packagejbouter
2021-02-19Update AUR packagejbouter
2021-01-30Release version 0.5.2Jeffrey Bouter
2021-01-17Update salt-lint to version 0.5.0Jeffrey Bouter
2021-01-05Add dependencyJeffrey Bouter
2020-10-17Update salt-lint to version 0.4.2Jeffrey Bouter
2020-07-31Update salt-lint to version 0.4.0Jeffrey Bouter
2020-06-26Update salt-lint to version 0.3.0Jeffrey Bouter
2020-06-19Update package versionJeffrey Bouter
2020-06-19Update to version 0.2.2Jeffrey Bouter
2020-02-13Update .SRCINFOEwout van Mansom
2020-02-13python-wheel should be a make dependencyEwout van Mansom
2020-02-13Update .SRCINFOEwout van Mansom
2020-02-13Add python-wheel as dependencyEwout van Mansom
2020-02-12Initial commitEwout van Mansom