AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-03-08Add git as makedependsSergio Correia
2018-03-08Bump to latest version, which includes Power Supply Idle Control workaroundSergio Correia
2018-02-01Update SRCINFOSergio Correia
2018-02-01Bump to r16.d1076ae-1Sergio Correia
2018-01-31Fix disable boosting from comand lineSergio Correia
2018-01-30Backup profiles.toml before installing the new config fileSergio Correia
2018-01-30Fix systemd unitsSergio Correia
2018-01-30We can now disable processor boosting as well.Sergio Correia
2018-01-20Add systemd units to run ryzen-stabilizator after resumeSergio Correia
2018-01-12 Initial commitSergio Correia