AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-12-14Update to version 9Leon Schumacher
2021-11-09Update to version 8.1Leon Schumacher
2021-11-09Update to version 8Leon Schumacher
2021-10-08Use files from githubLeon Schumacher
2021-10-05Update to version 7Leon Schumacher
2021-09-08Provide systemdLeon Schumacher
2021-09-07Write output of runsvdir to logsLeon Schumacher
2021-09-07Fix getty serviceLeon Schumacher
2021-09-07Clean up dependenciesLeon Schumacher
2021-09-05Provide & conflict with systemd-sysvcompatLeon Schumacher
2021-09-05Mount /tmp and /sys/fs/cgroup on bootLeon Schumacher
2021-09-05Add make-utmp and vconsole boot hooksLeon Schumacher
2021-09-05Move all files to archiveLeon Schumacher
2021-09-05Create package for runit-conversionLeon Schumacher