AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-01-20Set -DBoost_NO_SYSTEM_PATHS=TRUE as cmake flagFelix Exner
2020-12-08Update packageFelix Exner
2020-11-30Updated versionFelix Exner
In this version the eigenpy.patch isn't necessary anymore.
2020-11-30Updated eigenpy patchFelix Exner
Upstream has migrated from the catkin component to find_package, but that seems not to resolve the include dirs of numpy. Using the PkgConfig approach from before seems to work still. Updated pkgrel and SRCINFO
2020-05-20Updated package's subfolderFelix Exner
For the 1.0.3 release moveit changed their package structure.
2020-05-12Updated packagebionade24
2020-02-15Fixed arch=() arraybionade24
2019-11-25Merge pull request #2 from jwhendy/masteracxz
ros-melodic-moveit-resources is now a test depend; update to python3.8
2019-11-20ros-melodic-moveit-resources is now a test depend; updates to python3.8jwhendy
2019-11-01Merge pull request #1 from ros-melodic-arch/src-fixacxz
updated _dir, sources, and shasums; added eigenpy patch per ros-plann…
2019-09-17updated srcinfojwhendy
2019-09-17updated _dir, sources, and shasums; added eigenpy patch per ↵jwhendy
2019-07-03updated URLjwhendy
2019-01-10Update to 0.10.8Timon Engelke
2018-11-24Update to 0.10.5Timon Engelke
2018-09-07InitialTimon Engelke