AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-27Update v2.2.1S Garnica
2020-01-19Update to v2.1.6S Garnica
2019-05-28Reactivated install scriptPhilipp Wolfer
2019-05-28Make libgdata, evolution-data-server and libappindicator-gtk3 optional againPhilipp Wolfer
2019-05-28Updated fax printer setup instructionsPhilipp Wolfer
2019-05-28Upstream release 2.1.0Philipp Wolfer
2018-07-16Fixed conflicts / provides listsPhilipp Wolfer
2018-05-14Release 2.0Philipp Wolfer
2018-01-02Use lp group againPhilipp Wolfer
2018-01-02Added cups to optdepsPhilipp Wolfer
2018-01-02Fixed post-install echo outputPhilipp Wolfer
2018-01-02Add spool directory on post-installPhilipp Wolfer
2018-01-02Updates .SRCINFOPhilipp Wolfer
2018-01-02Add fax group in post-installPhilipp Wolfer
2017-11-13Updated package descriptionPhilipp Wolfer
2017-04-04Fixed upstream download URLPhilipp Wolfer
2016-12-05New upstream release 1.9.3Philipp Wolfer
2016-12-05Added note about gnome-keyring to optdepsPhilipp Wolfer
2016-10-27Removed tasks now handled by pacman hooksPhilipp Wolfer
2016-10-27Fixed path for address-book-svgPhilipp Wolfer
2016-10-26Fixed compile error due to missing iconPhilipp Wolfer
2016-08-17New upstream release 1.9.2Philipp Wolfer
2016-05-30New upstream release 1.9.1Philipp Wolfer
2016-05-23Fixed building on 32bitPhilipp Wolfer
2016-05-17New upstream release 1.9.0Philipp Wolfer
2016-02-15Change homepage URLPhilipp Wolfer
2016-01-05Check for all optional dependencies.Philipp Wolfer
2016-01-05There is no check for kwallet :(Philipp Wolfer
2016-01-05Bumped pkgrelPhilipp Wolfer
2016-01-05Check for kwallet and portaudio support.Philipp Wolfer
2016-01-05Cleaned up configure options.Philipp Wolfer
2016-01-05Added missing dependency gupnpPhilipp Wolfer
2016-01-05Enable pulseaudio pluginPhilipp Wolfer
2016-01-05Removed unused --with-cups configure option.Philipp Wolfer
2016-01-04New upstream release 1.8.14Philipp Wolfer
2015-10-19New upstream release 1.8.13Philipp Wolfer
2015-07-09Updated license name to follow Arch naming standards.Philipp Wolfer
2015-06-09Update to upstream version 1.8.12Philipp Wolfer
2015-06-09Imported current version from aur3Philipp Wolfer