AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-27update to version 3.1.1Stephan Springer
2020-12-21update to version 3.1.0Stephan Springer
2020-11-10update to version 3.0.7Stephan Springer
2020-11-04update to version 3.0.6Stephan Springer
2020-10-29update to version 3.0.5Stephan Springer
2020-10-17update to version 3.0.4Stephan Springer
2020-10-14update to version 3.0.3Stephan Springer
2020-10-03update to version 3.0.2Stephan Springer
2020-10-02update to version 3.0.1Stephan Springer
2020-10-01update to version 3.0.0Stephan Springer
2020-07-26update to version 2.17.11Stephan Springer
2020-07-26improve .gitignoreStephan Springer
2020-07-15update to version 2.17.10Stephan Springer
2020-03-13update to version 2.17.9Stephan Springer
2020-03-11update to version 2.17.8Stephan Springer
2020-02-11update to version 2.17.7Stephan Springer
2020-02-04update to version 2.17.5Stephan Springer
2020-02-04update to version 2.17.4Stephan Springer
2020-01-31update to version 2.17.3Stephan Springer
2020-01-05remove dependency to gconfStephan Springer
2019-12-20update to version 2.17.2Stephan Springer
2019-12-13add optional dependency libindicator-gtk3Stephan Springer
2019-12-11update to version 2.17.1Stephan Springer
2019-12-02update to version 2.17.0Stephan Springer
2019-11-07update to version 2.16.2Stephan Springer
2019-11-04update to version 2.16.1Stephan Springer
2019-10-14update to version 2.16.0Stephan Springer
2019-10-14add .gitignoreStephan Springer
2019-08-09update to version 2.15.5Stephan Springer
2019-04-30update to version 2.15.3Stephan Springer
2019-04-16update to version 2.15.2Stephan Springer
2019-03-13update to version 2.15.1Stephan Springer
2019-02-25update to version 2.15.0Stephan Springer
2019-01-14update to 2.14.7Stephan Springer
2018-12-07update to 2.14.6Stephan Springer
2018-12-04update to 2.14.5Stephan Springer
2018-11-21update to 2.14.4Stephan Springer
2018-11-14update to 2.14.3Stephan Springer
2018-11-14update to 2.14.2Stephan Springer
2018-10-26update to 2.14.1Stephan Springer
2018-10-11update to version 2.14.0Stephan Springer
2018-09-23update to 2.13.3; add LICENSE; cleanupStephan Springer
2018-09-05update to 2.13.0 and cleanupStephan Springer
2018-08-04Updated to 2.12.0Guillaume
2018-06-10Updated to 2.11.0Guillaume
2018-02-07Updated to 2.10.5Guillaume Michaud
2018-02-05Updated to 2.10.4Guillaume Michaud
2018-02-02Updated to 2.10.3Guillaume Michaud
2018-01-29Fixed md5sumsGuillaume Michaud
2018-01-25Updated to 2.10.2Guillaume Michaud