AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-08[rocblas] Build Tensile with clang from llvm-amdgpu and enable host libraries...Torsten Keßler
2020-08-25[rocblas] Update to 3.7.0 (#398)Torsten Keßler
2020-08-15[rocblas] Disable TensileHost and set COV to 3 (#313)Harmen Stoppels
2020-07-22[rocblas] fix checksumsacxz
2020-06-14[rocblas] Update to 3.5.0, builds in clean chroot (#252)Torsten Keßler
2020-05-19[rocblas] Successful build in clean chroot (#158)Torsten Keßler
2020-05-04Updated llvm-roc and reintegration pthread-patch.naetherm
2020-04-28rocblas: build with tensileSamuel Bernard
2020-04-25replace rocm-comgr with comgr (#123)acxz
2020-04-07Updated rocblas to version 3.3.0naetherm
2020-02-01Updated to version 3.0.0naetherm
2020-02-01Updated to version 3.0.0naetherm
2019-06-25Update to 2.5.0Jakub Okoński
2019-05-08Upgrade to 2.4.0Jakub Okoński
2019-04-13Update to 2.3.0Jakub Okoński
2019-03-16Update to 2.2.0Jakub Okoński
2019-02-13Bump version to 2.1.0Jakub Okoński
2019-01-21Add hip as a dependencyJakub Okoński
2018-12-21Add entryJakub Okoński
2018-12-21Release initial versionJakub Okoński