AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-08Add X display patchSandy Carter
2017-06-07Add packaging info to applicationSandy Carter
2017-06-07update to 0.34Sandy Carter
2016-10-03upgrade to 0.31Hubert Jarosz
2016-08-15backport patch for no needing vimHubert Jarosz
2016-08-08apply patches for g++ and make it defaultHubert Jarosz
2016-08-04update build and runtime dependenciesHubert Jarosz
2016-08-03upgrade to 0.30Hubert Jarosz
2016-05-31upgrade to 0.29Hubert Jarosz
2016-02-23add patch for git fatal errorsMarqin
2016-02-23add patch for Arch's GCCMarqin
2016-02-18Update do 0.27-1Marqin