AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-01remove rsync support as rsync was deprecated upstreamkillermoehre
2018-07-01ignore build packages and build directorieskillermoehre
2018-04-09change from AccuracySec= to RandomizedDelaySec= as suggested by kewl.killermoehre
2017-02-25allow for spaces in the country fieldkillermoehre
2017-02-25actual change the .SRCINFOkillermoehre
2017-02-25thanks to dvzrv: fixed the actual protocol selection. it probably worked neve...killermoehre
2017-02-25gitignore: ignore vim backup fileskillermoehre
2016-07-28new releasekillermoehre
2016-07-28change from daily to weekly synckillermoehre
2016-07-28include the desired protocl. see the config file for how to change itkillermoehre
2016-04-19add requires for network-online.targetkillermoehre
2016-01-18put the variables in the .service in "" to allow for space seperated entrieskillermoehre
2015-11-10changed md5sum in PKGBUILD, tooSilvio Knizek
2015-11-10updated .SRCINFOSilvio Knizek
2015-11-10move the default config out of /etc into /usr/share to support an empty /etc ...Silvio Knizek
2015-07-21Fast typo fixkillermoehre
2015-07-21Make the .timer actual enabledkillermoehre
2015-06-20Initial (and hopefully last) releasekillermoehre