AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-04Updated to version 2.1.0.Mikel Pintado
2018-08-17Package updated to 2.0.1.Mikel Pintado
2018-04-26Updated package to version 2.0.0.Mikel Pintado
2017-12-06Updates package to version 1.2.3.mikelpint
2017-11-12Updates to version 1.2.2.mikelpint
2017-10-14Removes useless files and updates the list of dependencies.mikelpint
2017-10-14Updates package to version 1.2.1.mikelpint
2017-10-14Adds a desktop file.Mikel Pintado
2017-10-14Updates package to version 1.2.0.Mikel Pintado
2017-10-10Package updated to version 1.1.2.mikelpint
2017-09-09Updates recultis.install.mikelpint
2017-09-09Updates recultis.install.mikelpint
2017-09-08Update the package to the version 1.1.1mikelpint
2017-09-03Updates the dependencies.mikelpint
2017-09-01Updates the list of dependencies.mikelpint
2017-08-31Added 1.1.0 version.mikelpint