AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-06Upgrade to 3.11 and improve packagingSimon Lundström
2018-09-04Upgrade to 3.8Simon Lundström
2018-04-11Add backup of /etc/rancid.confSimon Lundström
2018-03-20Add .gitignoreSimon Lundström
2017-09-25Upgrade to 3.7mosh5382
2017-03-13Upgrade to 3.6.2 and add armv7h supportSimon Lundström
2016-10-15Upgrade to 3.5.1Simon Lundström
2016-08-08Update .SRCINFO tooSimon Lundström
2016-08-08Upgrade to 3.4.1Simon Lundström
2015-11-12Upgrade to 3.2Simon Lundström
2015-11-12Commit the old PKGBUILD initiallySimon Lundström