AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-04-07Update to 1.3.0Jake
2020-04-03Update to 1.2.1Jake
2020-02-13Update to 1.2.0Jake
2019-10-24Update to 1.1.0Jake
2019-10-15Update to 1.0.1Jake
2019-01-09Fix cmake install pathsJake
2019-01-09Update to 1.0.0Jake
2018-01-23Adopt packageJake
2017-11-23Drop to AUR againAntonio Rojas
2015-12-03Upstream release 0.9.3Spike29
2015-09-02Upstream release 0.9.2Spike29
2015-08-31Upstream release 0.9.1Spike29
2015-08-29Update package descriptionSpike29
2015-08-29Upstream release 0.9.0 ; use qt5 instead of qt4Spike29
2015-06-12Oops, update to latest upstream versionYannick Le Guen
2015-06-12Initial importYannick Le Guen