AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
7 daysUpdate to 4.13.0beta2Donald Carr
2020-06-18Update to 4.12.3Donald Carr
2020-06-03Upgrade to 4.12.2Donald Carr
2020-05-21update to 4.12.1Donald Carr
2020-05-04Simplify PKGBUILD to a functional oneDonald Carr
2020-04-30Fix build against clang 10; rederive from standard Arch qt-creator recipeDonald Carr
2020-04-30update to Qt Creator 4.12 finalDonald Carr
2020-04-06upgrade to 4.12 rcDonald Carr
2020-03-07Upgrade Qt Creator to 4.12Donald Carr
2020-01-20update to Qt Creator 4.11 finalDonald Carr
2019-11-04Update to 4.11.0beta2Donald Carr
2019-10-18Update to qtcreator 4.11Donald Carr
2019-09-13Update to 4.10 finalDonald Carr
2019-08-02Update to QtCreator RC1Donald Carr
2019-07-18Update pkgrelDonald Carr
2019-07-14Directly append version suffix to patch release numberDonald Carr
2019-07-11Move to beta2Donald Carr
2019-06-20Update to Qt Creator 4.10 betaDonald Carr
2019-05-29Update to 4.9.1Donald Carr
2019-04-16Update to Qt Creator 4.9Donald Carr
2019-03-28Update to the Qt Creator 4.9 RCDonald Carr
2019-03-08update srcinfoDonald Carr
2019-03-08Update to Qt Creator 4.2 beta 2Donald Carr
2019-03-01update to Qt Creator 4.8.2Donald Carr
2019-01-22Update metadataDonald Carr
2019-01-22Update to QtCreator 4.8.1Donald Carr
2018-11-01Update online metadataDonald Carr
2018-11-01Update to Qt Creator 4.8 beta1Donald Carr
2018-07-18Update metadataDonald Carr
2018-07-18Update to 4.7 final releaseDonald Carr
2018-07-10Bump to 4.7 rc1Donald Carr
2018-06-21Update to 4.7 beta2Donald Carr
2018-06-06Further document people's optionsDonald Carr
2018-06-06Update to Qt Creator 4.7 beta1Donald Carr
2018-03-28Update to Qt Creator 4.6 finalDonald Carr
2018-03-28Correct sed faux pasDonald Carr
2018-03-27Work around:Donald Carr
2018-03-22Update SRCINFODonald Carr
2018-03-22Correct various faux pasDonald Carr
2018-03-21Return to qmake which is stableDonald Carr
2018-02-12Introduce gross python symlink which locally overrides python3/python2Donald Carr
2018-02-12Upgrade to Qt Creator 4.6 beta 1Donald Carr
2017-12-12Move to Qt Creator 4.5Donald Carr
2017-10-12Advance to Qt Creator 4.5Donald Carr
2017-09-27Bump version to reflect Qt Creator related (un)hacksDonald Carr
2017-09-26Add patch to remove Qt Creator platform hacksDonald Carr
2017-09-05Update to Qt Creator 4.4 releaseDonald Carr
2017-08-17Update to RC1Donald Carr
2017-08-02Fix qbs build for people with unconfigured qbs installsDonald Carr
2017-07-21Make Jake happyDonald Carr