AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-27Updated to 4.9.2 with latest clang.Aaron Barany
2019-06-01Updated to 4.9.1.Aaron Barany
2019-04-01Updated to version 4.8.2.Aaron Barany
2019-01-24Fixes for CMake integration.Aaron Barany
2019-01-19Updated to QtCreator 4.8.1.Aaron Barany
2019-01-12Further fixes for selection indicator.Aaron Barany
2019-01-11Updated selection indicator for mode selector.Aaron Barany
2019-01-08Updated dark and flat theme selection patch.Aaron Barany
2018-12-22Improved resize behavior when clicking on columns in debugger.Aaron Barany
2018-12-22Updated description.Aaron Barany
2018-12-22Updated selection fix and debugger column size patches.Aaron Barany
2018-12-18Incremented pkgrel version.Aaron Barany
2018-12-18Improved debugger column patch.Aaron Barany
2018-12-17Updated debugger column fix for copyright.Aaron Barany
2018-12-17Fixed checksums.Aaron Barany
2018-12-17Updated theme fix patches.Aaron Barany
2018-12-17Incremented expected clang version.Aaron Barany
2018-12-17Updated debugger column patch.Aaron Barany
2018-12-12Maybe now the last debugger columns fix.Aaron Barany
2018-12-12Hopefully last change for debugger columns fix.Aaron Barany
2018-12-12Another update to debugger columns fix.Aaron Barany
2018-12-11Updated debugger column fix patch.Aaron Barany
2018-12-11Added fix for debugger columns.Aaron Barany
2018-12-11Updated patch for fixing breakpoints.Aaron Barany
2018-12-10Added fix for infinite looping breakpoints.Aaron Barany
2018-12-08Incremented pkgrel versionAaron Barany
2018-12-08Added patch to allow fully disabling occurrence highlighting.Aaron Barany
2018-12-08Added fix for exiting debugger on program exit.Aaron Barany
2018-12-07Fixed tooltip colors for dark themes.Aaron Barany
2018-12-07Fixed reversed patches.Aaron Barany
2018-12-07Qt Creator 4.8 with theme fixes applied.Aaron Barany