AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-103.1+118.g4bf7da5Norbert Pfeiler
2018-04-14PythonQtScriptingConsole without console outputNorbert Pfeiler
2018-04-10use DESTDIR for correct CMake Config generationNorbert Pfeiler
2017-02-18update with removed qt header dependenciesNorbert Pfeiler
2016-12-15don’t conflict pythonqt in general to allow parallel python2 and python3 ve...Norbert Pfeiler
2016-10-20bump pkgrelNorbert Pfeiler
2016-10-20skip logsNorbert Pfeiler
2016-10-20only run tests if an xserver is availableNorbert Pfeiler
2016-10-20add git as build time dependencyNorbert Pfeiler
2016-10-20releaset tags apparently start with ›v‹Norbert Pfeiler
2016-07-29bump pkgrel in addition to git versionNorbert Pfeiler
2016-07-29add git version instead of pkgrelNorbert Pfeiler
2016-07-29add make depends for gl headers and qt5 ui toolsNorbert Pfeiler
2016-07-02v3.1Norbert Pfeiler
2015-12-10up pkgrel in case somebody already built the newest commitNorbert Pfeiler
2015-12-10C++11 ABI rebuildNorbert Pfeiler
2015-06-19add maintainer emailNorbert Pfeiler
2015-06-19use + to denote commit offset to version tagNorbert Pfeiler
2015-06-19initial commitNorbert Pfeiler