AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-12upgpkg: qsstv 9.4.4-4Alexander Fasching
2019-12-21Add version check and gitignore for qsstvAlexander Fasching
2019-12-21Update maintainer in qsstv PKGBUILDAlexander Fasching
2019-11-20Source changed from .zip to .tar.gzAndreas Schreiner
2019-08-06Version 9.4.4Andreas Schreiner
2019-07-16moved install from /usr/local/ to /usr/Andreas Schreiner
2019-05-23Update to version 9.4.2Andreas Schreiner
2018-05-23Updated .desktop file - fixed MIME Errors.Andreas Schreiner
2018-01-12wrapped variables in PKGBUILD into quotes to enable spaces withinAndreas Schreiner
2017-11-19Updated to v9.2.6, changed to QT5Andreas Schreiner
2017-10-22Updated build to find available openjpeg2 versionAndreas Schreiner
2017-09-06Patched to use current openjpeg2.2Andreas Schreiner
2016-11-14Version 9.2.4Andreas Schreiner
2016-07-26Update to version 9.1.8Andreas Schreiner
2016-07-04Version 9.1.7Andreas Schreiner
2016-04-17Version 9.1.5 and updated dependenciesAndreas Schreiner
2016-04-15Update to qsstv version 9.1.3Andreas Schreiner
2015-07-16update to version 8.2.12Andreas Schreiner
2015-06-09Migrate to aur4Andreas Schreiner