AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-03-24Bump to 2.14.13Doug Newgard
2017-03-04Fix build with newer libsDoug Newgard
2017-02-25Bump to 2.14.12Doug Newgard
2017-02-12Fix for sip 4.19 and pyqt4 4.12-4Doug Newgard
2017-01-14Bump to 2.14.11Doug Newgard
2016-12-16Bump to 2.14.10Doug Newgard
2016-11-25Bump to 2.14.9Doug Newgard
2016-10-21Bump to 2.14.8Doug Newgard
2016-09-23Update to 2.14.7 and sync with qgis packageDoug Newgard
2015-09-162.8.3-5 update md5sum for sh scriptSaultDon
2015-08-272.8.3-4 Updated pkgver variable and function with changes to .sh launcherSaultDon
2015-08-252.8-3 pkgbuild cleanup and added custom icon with launcher scriptSaultDon
2015-08-192.8-2, removed conflicting packages and update pkgver functionSaultDon
2015-08-19Updated package descriptionSaultDon
2015-07-08Initial importSaultDon