AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-04-09Fix license pathFrederick Zhang
2020-12-10Bump to 2.0.19Frederick Zhang
2020-09-30bump to 2.0.16Frederick Zhang
2020-01-24bump to 2.0.9Frederick Zhang
2019-12-27bump to 2.0.8Frederick Zhang
2019-12-16fix doc pathsFrederick Zhang
2019-12-16bump to 2.0.6 and a few other tweaksFrederick Zhang
1. bump to 2.0.6 2. remove ChangeLog (no interest in maintaining it personally) 3. only pull RPM from 4. append new line character to .gitignore 5. update vim modeline in PKGBUILD
2019-12-16adopt packageFrederick Zhang
2017-12-20New upstream release 1.7.1Fabien Dubosson
2017-04-24New upstream release 1.6.3Fabien Dubosson
2017-04-24Add gitignore fileFabien Dubosson
2015-05-29Move 'q' into separate repo for AUR4Fabien Dubosson