AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-28Switch from MD5 to SHA512.Médéric Boquien
2019-10-28Update to version 2.0.16.Médéric Boquien
2019-10-08Update to version 2.0.15.Médéric Boquien
2019-06-16Update to version 2.0.14.Médéric Boquien
2019-06-11Update to version 2.0.13.Médéric Boquien
2019-02-24Update to version 2.0.12.Médéric Boquien
2019-01-06Update to version 2.0.11.Médéric Boquien
2018-12-07Update to version 2.0.10.Médéric Boquien
2018-11-01Update to version 2.0.9.Médéric Boquien
2018-08-06Update to version 2.0.8.Médéric Boquien
2018-06-03Update to version 2.0.7.Médéric Boquien
2018-04-29Update to version 2.0.6.Médéric Boquien
2018-04-07Update to version 2.0.5.Médéric Boquien
2018-02-10Update to version 2.0.4.Médéric Boquien
2018-01-23Update to version 2.0.3.Médéric Boquien
2017-11-26Update to version 2.0.2.Médéric Boquien
2017-08-19Update to version 2.0.1Médéric Boquien
2017-07-10Update to version 2.0.Médéric Boquien
2017-06-10Update to version 1.3.3.Médéric Boquien
2017-05-21Update to version 1.3.2.Médéric Boquien
2016-12-28Update to version 1.3.Médéric Boquien
2016-06-27Update to 1.2.1.Médéric Boquien
2016-03-25Update to 1.1.2.Médéric Boquien
2016-01-10Update to 1.1.1Médéric Boquien
2015-12-26Update to 1.1 and revert back to using system libraries now that astropy hand...Médéric Boquien
2015-12-05Update to 1.0.6Médéric Boquien
2015-10-10Update to 1.0.5. Also use bundled library as a workaround for the temporary W...Médéric Boquien
2015-08-15Update to 1.0.4Médéric Boquien
2015-06-21Initial import 1.0.3Médéric Boquien