AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-01Set package name into the source arrayGötz Christ
2020-06-30Revert "Remove Makefile and .gitignore"Götz Christ
2020-06-26Update to 2.13.0Vyacheslav Konovalov
2020-06-26Remove Makefile and .gitignoreVyacheslav Konovalov
2020-05-27Update to 2.12.0Götz Christ
2020-04-25Update to 2.11.2Götz Christ
2020-04-15Update to 2.11.1Götz Christ
2020-02-25Update to 2.9.0Götz Christ
2020-01-22Update to 2.7.1Götz Christ
2019-05-29Add git to makedepends. No need to version python-requests, it's an official...James P. Harvey
2018-09-21First commitGötz Christ