AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-27Update to 3.1.1Shane Stone
2020-02-27Update to 3.0.2Shane Stone
2020-01-09Update to 3.0.0Shane Stone
2020-01-01Update to 2.3.2Shane Stone
2019-11-15Update to 2.3.1Shane Stone
2019-10-03Update to 2.3.0Shane Stone
2019-09-05Up to 2.2.1 - fix pkgsumsShane Stone
2019-09-05Up to 2.2.1Shane Stone
2019-02-27Bump to 2.2.0Shane Stone
2018-08-06Bump pkgrel to 2 for the python 3.7 update.Shane Stone
2018-06-17Update to v2.1.2Shane Stone
2018-04-29Bump to v2.1.1 and remove mv command that is no longer necessaryShane Stone
2018-01-03Fix problem with explicit mv call.Shane Stone
2018-01-03Bump to 2.1.0Shane Stone
2017-11-15Revert to 2.0.0Shane Stone
2017-11-15Update to 2.1.0Shane Stone
2017-10-23Split python-spiceypy and python2-spiceypy into completely different packagesShane Stone
2017-10-23Fixing PKGBUILDShane Stone
2017-10-23Initial commit, SpiceyPy v2.0.0Shane Stone