AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-15update to 1.8.1Narrat
2018-06-27New versionSean Enck
2018-06-26new version (mainly 3.5 support for pip) but also hash updates!Sean Enck
2018-06-10cleaning up package for pypi urlSean Enck
2018-05-31pkgbuild cleanupSean Enck
2018-03-25new versionSean Enck
2018-03-22require setuptoolsSean Enck
2018-02-27update to use common linkSean Enck
2018-02-27new versionSean Enck
2018-01-31srcinfo outdatedSean Enck
2018-01-14fixing raw linksSean Enck
2018-01-14var for raw github contentSean Enck
2018-01-14new versionSean Enck
2018-01-05pull bash completions from sourceSean Enck
2018-01-05adding bash completionsSean Enck
2018-01-05use pip packageSean Enck
2018-01-05updated versionSean Enck
2018-01-05updated version (1.7.0)Sean Enck
2017-12-09updated to version 1.6.0Sean Enck
2017-12-08version 1.5.2 releasedSean Enck
2017-11-12new versionSean Enck
2017-10-22new versionSean Enck
2017-10-071.4.2 releasedSean Enck
2017-10-02updated for new versionSean Enck
2017-09-18new version - 1.4.0, drop webcolors dependencySean Enck
2017-09-10new version release (1.3.2)Sean Enck
2017-09-05bug fix updateSean Enck
2017-09-05Updated versionSean Enck
2017-08-30updated to new versionSean Enck
2017-08-20new versionSean Enck
2017-08-18new package for the aur of pyxstitchSean Enck